Monday, September 21, 2009

A Quick Trip

Saturday after the Camas Vintage Street Faire Mike, the girls and I headed to the beach property. We have not been there sense July 4. And man could you tell. The grass was tall. The spiders and mice were hard at work. Sunday morning the sunshine came out to greet us.

I look in wonder at all the work that goes into a web. Must be equivalent to spring cleaning???

My favorite rusty metal bed frame....
I am a little under the weather today, however I saw a recipe for Buttermilk Pie and had to try it.
If its good I will post the recipe....
For some reason I do not even own a pie plate.....42 and this is only my second homemade pie...
So I improvised.
Who said pies have to be round?
Hope you all have a fantastic week.
And here's to all you bloggers who take your own pics instead of borrowing...
Much more intriguing.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Big Fish & A Little Sewing

Happy Tuesday!!!
Thought I would share my beautiful whites with you.
This chair I received in a trade from my friend Debbie.
It is down wrapped and the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in.
She made this wonderful slipcover for it which makes it even more special.
I have added some down pillows to make it oh so soft!!!

Ok, so you all know sewing isn't my cup of tea. It's not that I don't know how. I am a former quilter, its just I cant find the time. With soap & lotion making, working full time, being a mom of three girls and my junkin fun there is just no time.....However, I had this problem with a pillow cover that just wouldn't stay closed. The pillow kept falling out driving my little mind crazy...
Sew I Sewed two little buttons with ties and ta da.....Problem solved.
Very Pretty!!!!

Saturday night Christopher caught the biggest Chinook Salmon I have ever seen.
It weighted 45lbs. I have never seen one up close.
Boy are they ugly and some serious sharp teeth.
This fish took Mike over an hour to cut it up and two batches of brine to soak it.
It turned out sooo good!!!

Be sure to come by Saturday and say "Hi" at the Camas Vintage Street Fair.
Check out the Kindred Roses Blog for more info.
Also, I will be taking over some new treasures to Monticello so be sure to come check it out.
Have a great week
Blessing Julie

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Little Fishing This Labor Day Weekend

We fished and fished.....
Drano was packed as fishermen and women were trying to catch the big one!!!
Friday we had perfect weather....Came home with a sunburn but no fish.....

Mike gettin the poles ready...

Saturday we were soaked with rain....
Here is Sarah trying to take some pics without getting wet.

And Christopher....He is a fishin fool!!!

Finally on Saturday night Sarah caught her first Steelhead. Chris also caught one.
Then Sunday night Sarah caught another one..
Wait a minute, what about Me and Mike...Don't we get to catch any????
Mike went home and prepared the fish for the smoker...YUM
Perfect Brine.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Summer will be back this week....
Blessings Julie