Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Table To Share

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Santa brought everyone at the Crumpacker house exactly what they wanted.
Love, Laughter, Family and Cheer. Thought I would share my Christmas Eve Table with you.
Didn't it turn out perfect?

Find your number. That's where you sit.

Have a prosperous 2009!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah

Here's Shelby and I. Everyone says we look so much alike......We just cant see it.....

Friday we spent the day with Sarah. She is my eldest who turned 19 on the 19th. Happy Birthday Sarah.

Here is a shot of Sarah on the right, Mike (my husband, her dad) in the middle and Sidney (my youngest) on the left. The three amigos. Wait a minute...Where's Shelby. Oh your up there...

Here is Chris (Sarah's Fiance) and Mike. These two are two peas from the same pod.....They are sooooo much alike they must have been identical twins in another life..

A lovely couple.

My three girls. They are sooo pretty. I don't know where they get it.....


Me and the birthday girl. We took Sarah to Olive Garden for dinner..It was so good and Chris bought me a lemon drop. Matches my scarf perfectly.

Here's to you Sarah.

Birthday morning before coffee.

After Starbucks Coffee.

Trip to Leavenworth Canceled due to Snow

Thursday the 18th of December we left home for our trip to Leavenworth, WA. We were a little worried about the weather because it was snowing like crazy. Here is Sidney annoyed to be riding in the car all day only to be stuck on HWY 84 in Semi gridlock for an hour in ice and snow and I had to use the facilities with no facilities around. AAAAHHHHHHH

A beautiful snow scene on HWY 84. This is when I started to get worried.

Well after are ordeal of having to chain up my daughters fiance's car and sitting on the freeway for an hour in snow and ice we decided to play it safe and just go home. We were really looking forward to four beautiful days in Leavenworth, a sleigh ride, eating at Andreas Keller for Sarah's birthday and shopping for Christmas presents. Someone was trying to tell us to stay home and I listened........

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas in Camas

Today we had snow in our home town of Camas, WA. It made me realize Christmas is just around the corner. Sideways snow and wind gusts left us a little on the cold side for our walk to the Beaver Pond below our house. Here is Benelli, she didn't mind the snow at all.

Some of Shelby's shots along the way. Shelby these are awesome. I want this one on my wall.

Path to the Beaver Pond.

Several fine Oak Trees.

Estate Sale Find

This is my latest estate sale find. A Stainless Aluminum Christmas Tree. Love it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

In The Mood

Ok, I have to admit I was in the mood last night.....No not for that for crafting. Here are some items that I came up with. I have had this Amy Butler paper that has been screaming for creation.

My outcome was this fantastic paper chain. One went on my Christmas Tree and the other on my China Cupboard. The paper fans went on the side of my Christmas Tree. Sidney has already put her order in for some for her bedroom. Who would of thought a tween wanting something crafty in their room....I love you Sidney.