Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Trip to Long Beach and Some Recent Finds

It's beginning to look like Spring at our Beach Property in Long Beach, WA.
We made the trek Friday night, only to be welcomed by a long Saturday of RAIN!!! Actually not just Rain, but NON STOP POURING RAIN.
I did get out and do some junkin and take these wonderful pictures.

My plants are awakening from a long Winter's nap.

I found these wicker chairs, and wooden shelf at a garage sale on Friday. The chairs will find a new home on my patio. You can come by and try them out at the
Whimsical Wishes Show
April 25th at my home in Camas, WA.

Here is the Tiffany lamp I also got at that same sale. Can you say STEAL @ $2.00!!!

This Pink Shabby Chic Coffee Table I found at the Antique Mall in Long Beach. I love it!!! It will be making the trip to Redmond for the JBUGS Sale this Saturday.

And this little Green Stool definitely said "TAKE ME HOME."
I am not quite sure what to do with the color. Do I leave it as is or paint and distress it???
What do you think?
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Hope you all have a wonderful day.