Monday, July 13, 2009

Self Torture

Wow, what a week. Here is how my week went. Work, work on furniture, price items, try and sleep, get up do it again, get up do it again. Then Thursday, run several errands, attend a mtg. then meet Christa and Shelby at expo to drop off our goods, go home make another two trips to Portland. Are we done yet????
Friday, get up at 5:30 get to Expo at 7:30am, work all day....etc etc. Then comes Monday, back to work.
OK, you get the idea.
Why do we put ourselves to the test like this doing what we love.......JUNKIN IN STYLE
Here are some pictures of our booth at Expo

Luckily we were surrounded by wonderful friends.
Marci, Lesa, Isabel, Joy, Diane, Erin and Shannon.
Thanks girls for your friendship
You are greatly appreciated
Hope you all have a terrific week

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