Sunday, January 25, 2009

Treasures and One Mans Trash

Happy Sunday, just wanted to share some new crafts and treasures with all my friends in blog land.
Here are some tags that I created for our show coming up in March. Roses are so beautiful!!!

I found this little treasure, still in the box with instructions at an estate sale on Friday. Wave Comb. I had no idea how those women got those pretty little waves in their hair....Now I do.

Here is a little plaque I found at the Treasure House. It was kind of plain so I spruced it up.....
Now it looks perfect!!!

This is a Little metal file box was a really ugly green. After a complete makeover she is ready for Paris.
What a transformation..

Here is the wall above my couch that I have been working on. It is still a work in progress. Don't you just love the cottage print. I found that at the GW for $5.00....
I wish I could order a few more...

This little treasure was one mans trash. Now it holds a special place in my heart.
I saw this and a vintage typewriter on Friday and decided to go back on Saturday when it was half price to pruchase it. I was to meet Christa there at 9:00 but like usual I was late and missed her. To my dismay the typewriter was gone but the adding machine was still there waiting for me with a price of only $2.00.
Later on I received a call from Christa saying sorry she missed me and I proceeded to tell her the my typewriter was gone, however she already knew because she was now the new proud owner of MY vintage typewriter.....She said I could visit anytime...Thanks Christa
Hope you all have a great week ahead.


Christa from Chloe Rose said...

The adding machine is a neat find. I used to ten-key a lot in my former career and I can't imagine having to key with my left hand and pulling with my right....thank goodness for technology!!! I do love the typewriter and it may be yours someday......when is your birthday ;o)?

I like the tags....very pretty ;o).


My Shabby Roses said...

Love your sweet cottage picture. Bummer about the typewriter, but I'm glad you were able to pick up the adding machine, $2.00, pretty good!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie , The camera I droppes was a Kodak Easyshare. I've had it a couple of years. I do like it - maybe I should stay with a Kodak product. My daughter has a Rebel but that may be too much camera for my needs. Thanks a bunch! said...

Thanks for entering the Name that Puppy contest on my blog!
(and those rose tags are lovely!)

cottagelights said...

Julie, your support and concern have been wonderful during my "big transition". I can't wait to go junkin with you and Christa. Check out my spot at the Saltbox Sampler. I'll be working Mondays and Tuesdays there, so I can go to shows and sales, now! Woo-hoo!